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23rd, September 2019
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Celebrate the festive season with ISUZU’s attractive offer

Celebrate the festive season with ISUZU’s attractive offer

23rd September 2019, Chennai: ISUZU India today announced very attractive offers for its products in India. The offers range from Rs. 50,000/- for the Commercial variant of D-Max (Single Cab) to Rs. 2,00,000/- on the up-market SUV, the mu-X. The offers are available on the Commercial D-Max (All Variants), S-Cab (All Variants), V-Cross (Base Variant) and the mu-X (All Variants). These offers (on ex-showroom prices) are valid until 31st October 2019 only. These offers translate to an approximate equivalent of 10% of the taxes on these vehicles.

The automobile market across the country has been witnessing a slowdown over the past several months owing to several factors. There was a broad expectation on some relief over the recent past that would have had a positive impact on the market. However, notwithstanding the status quo, Isuzu Motors India would like the keep an upbeat mood amongst customers during the forthcoming festive season.

Capt. Shankar Srinivas, the Company spokesperson said, “ISUZU would like its customers to be delighted and enter the festive season joyously. Our special offer valid until 31st October2019, would excite our prospective customers to continue their focus on their business with added fervor and also bring excitement to their homes during the festive season”.

Prospective customers can approach ISUZU dealers for exact details on the offers for various models/variants.